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O2E Supply | Can I become dependent on Levitra?
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Can I become dependent on Levitra?

Levitra vardenafil has become one of the popular medicines for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, particularly after Bayer’s recent announcement that a new version of this drug called Levitra orodispersible is awaiting approval of the medical authorities in the UK. You can take this new drug discreetly without water any time you want to have sex. It is believed that the orodispersible version will help men suffering from ED get quicker erections compared to other ED drugs when they are aroused for sex. But with so much convenience and discreetness about to be available at hand, isn’t it too risky to wholly depend on Levitra?

The brief answer to this question is no. Levitra vardenafil is not a drug that can absorb your good sense and judgment. Bayer makes sure that it is used with caution and proper medical supervision. To find out why you cannot become a Levitra addict, you first need to understand how it works and who can use it to treat erection issues.

Levitra is a take-as-needed ED medicine, implying that you don’t have to take it everyday up to a certain period. So the risk of getting addicted to it is nil. Another plus factor of vardenafil pills is that they are less powerful in terms of dosing, compared to some of the other prescription anti-impotence drugs. Regular Levitra tablets are available in dosages of 10mg and 20mg while the upcoming Levitra orodispersible will contain 10mg vardenafil in each tablet. The low-dose pills of Levitra can make sure that the active ingredient does not interfere with your other bodily functions.

Being a take-as-needed drug, Levitra does not affect the normal sexual function of a man. It works only after you take it and its effect lasts up to 5-6 hours. The temporary effect of Levitra on your penile blood flow allows you to have sex as long as intercourse lasts. The medicine can be very helpful if you are anxious about the quality of your erection during sex.

Another very important point in favour of Levitra is that this medicine does not cure impotence; it simply targets the symptoms of impotence and helps a man overcome those symptoms. For example, you may suffer from erectile dysfunction because of high blood pressure or psychological reasons. Levitra won’t treat any of those factors; it will target the physical symptom of the cause, e.g., inability to achieve and maintain an erection, and will try to fix it for the time being. So even if you are prescribed by your doctor a 4-month course of Levitra, you should neither hope that you will be able to have normal erections after 4 months, nor should you fear that you will become dependent on the medicine during the course of treatment. 

The safety and effectiveness profile of Levitra is impressive enough to rule out possibilities of long-term health complications. This medicine, among all other prescription anti-ED drugs, is commonly recommended for impotence treatment in older men who usually have other health conditions.

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